Sunday, May 16, 2010

Instructions to Apply!

Yay another blogger theme!  This comes from a kit by Summer Time Designs found here and it's called Golden Sunshine!  When I saw it I fell in love!  It made me think of my little sister in which her nickname is Sunshine therefore this theme goes to her!

Instructions to apply to blog:

  1. For a 2C click here and copy the code! (Make Sure you don't copy anything that is at the very bottom under the line)  
  2. Log Into Blogger  
  3. Click on "Layout"  
  4. Click "Edit HTML"  
  5. Erase of all that code and put the new code that you have copied before.  
  6. Click Save!  
  7. You are done!

Why isn't mine working?

 Make sure at the bottom of the code that you copied that you didn't also copy this, "Edit this page (if you have permission) Google Docs -- Web word processing, presentations and spreadsheets. "

(Do not copy below that line)
Sill didn't work?  Please email me at for any more questions!

Do you like?  I always love feed back!

Here is the signature:

If you would like the signature customized please email me at
Here is the header:
If you would like the header customized please email me at

If you would like anything customized or something added please email me at!